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The LESOE Program

Bringing the arts to the streets

Our Living Epistles Sharing Our Experiences (LESOE) Program is an artistic community outreach movement. This program is a branch of our theater group which is called “3D - Theater Group” and below outlines our initiative:

- Create an atmosphere of creativity

- Engage members of the community in dramatic expression and other art forms bringing God’s word to life in real scenarios with efforts to equip them with spiritual tools to deal with personal struggles.

- To share our experiences through drama, spoken word, dancing, song, and other art forms to uplift, motivate, encourage, and inspire the members of our community.

Our goal is to challenge thought processes, which encourages mindset changes, and inspires behavior modification to assist in viewing situations from a different perspective. We also aspire to connect with our audience through our stories, in an effort to encourage them and provide a moment of serenity, laughter and peace of mind.

We understand that many of the members in our community are not able to attend plays or go to the movies. Therefore, our team will bring the performances at your site at an agreed upon date and time.

LESOE Program info

The LESOE Program Gallery

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