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 .” (I hit the spacebar at the right time to stop the new message and didn’t include the character). Another common mistake that is really irritating is sending a new message to an already received email in the inbox! Make sure the information you send is sent to a single person or a group. If you are going to send a link to a document, don’t send the link but instead send the link to the person’s email account (either the To or CC field) and when the person clicks on the link, the document will open and download on their end. If you are sending a link to a web page, you can also tell the person how they can access the page directly (the same way the person would access a web page on a web browser). “If you are replying to an email, make sure to reply to the exact email address. If your email program automatically puts the name of the person at the top of your message when you compose the reply, don’t do that. In other words, when you send a reply, include the email address of the person that you are replying to.”Aug. 3 (Bloomberg) -- A murder trial of a Jewish community leader who killed a Palestinian man accused of stoning to death an Israeli teen will begin today in Jerusalem, a court said today. Natan Blattar, 55, an American citizen living in Jerusalem, pleaded not guilty to charges of voluntary manslaughter in the January death of 29-year-old Avera Mengistu, who was shot in the face and killed while waiting at a bus stop near a yeshiva in Jerusalem, local media reported. Blattar has been in custody since his arrest, and is scheduled to be sentenced on March 7, the Israel Radio reported, quoting a court ruling. Blattar’s lawyer, Nissim Neiger, has previously said his client shot Mengistu in self defense. He claimed that the pair were arguing over the man’s mistreatment of a 12-year-old boy, according to a report on Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot on May 25. Blattar, who was an American citizen living in Jerusalem, was detained and questioned in May before his arrest. Police said they found an unlicensed handgun in his apartment and





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Dr.fone Registration Code [Latest]

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