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VW Queens Lair LLC Donation Page

VW Queens Lair Women's Club & The Queens' Lair Christian Talk Show

VW Queens Lair LLC Donation Page

Our Women's club is designed to beautify, enrich, and empower women using Biblical principles. We are currently restructuring our program and will provide updates soon.

Our Christian Talk show is hosted by Kellie Miles who is joined by up to 4 women to discuss various topics relevant to women in a down to earth format and providing Biblical perspective. We also have a Men's Edition where we get perspective from the men in the community. Each show will host specific guests with a level of expertise on the topic and/or women from the community. The discussion style is designed to be conversational in nature rather than just interviews. We want to create a safe, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere where women can feel free to share, engage and receive support.

VW Queens' Lair
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